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Affordable Outplacement Services for Small to Mid-Size Companies

Outplacement services are not just for large firms. Small to mid-size companies can also offer this important severance benefit to employees as they transition to new jobs.

Lay-offs and restructuring are a fact of doing business, and if done in a way that seems uncaring, can hurt your brand. You can reduce the negative impact to exiting staff and mitigate damage to your company’s reputation by providing professional outplacement support.

When you help employees through this very difficult time, you are demonstrating your investment in your employees even as they exit; showing your commitment to your core values (your people are your greatest asset); and maintaining morale and productivity among remaining staff, thus ensuring continued high service levels for your customers.

In supporting employees through a termination, you will enhance your workplace culture, increase retention rates, and make your company more attractive to future employees. A responsible corporate citizen: you are showing employees, customers, and investors your brand at its best.

Outplacement Services Include:

  • Individualized, 1-on-1 support (Flexible Programs)

  • “Next-Step” plans

  • Personal Branding (Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn)

  • Interview Training

  • Networking Prep

  • Structured Job Search Strategies

  • 360 feedback Assessments

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